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We are passionate about the city of Tel Aviv – its history, its culture, its legacy, and its future. That’s why we take the utmost care in developing its most iconic architectural projects – the ones that make Tel Aviv so uniquely itself.

Built for Life

GOV has been involved in developing and restoring some of the city’s most desirable properties with stunning design features and boutique, state-of-the-art specifications. Offering unparalleled atmosphere and style, each property is developed with a deep reverence for the city’s environmental, historical, and cultural legacy. GOV’s portfolio includes distinctive properties in Tel Aviv’s best locations, where residents enjoy easy access to the city’s top culinary, cultural and commercial destinations.

GOV’s values and vision have made it a prestige name in the world of Tel Aviv real estate. Our brand has come to be instantly associated with Tel Aviv’s most sought after residential properties for a reason. Our philosophy of impeccable standards, quick and flexible decision-making, client-focused thinking, and professionalism above all has earned GOV its sterling reputation. We are proud to play a central role in shaping the past, present and future of the White City.


  • Shemer Gov

    Owner and CEO

    Shemer Gov is an entrepreneur with international experience in the field of real estate

  • Shmuel (Sami) Avnaim

    VP of Marketing & Sales

    Strategic consultant and expert in luxury residential real estate

  • Gal Zer

    Marketing and Project Director

    Six years experience in field of real estate, marketing and project management

  • Lidia Zucherman

    Financial Management

    Senior financial manager with many years of experience and specialization in the real estate field